Thursday, June 19, 2008


so, I kind of freaked out today. I had been putting a leather conditioner on a sofa, washed my hands, and then went to the computer to do some work on book 3 of The Cupcakes Club.
I'm a little more than halfway through and thought I could get a chapter or two in before I needed to run into town.
Anyways...whatever was on my hands from the leather conditioner sort of melded onto the mouse of my computer causing me to grab a paper towel and start to scrub on the mouse. Of course, while I'm doing this my book is up on the screen being highlighted here, moved there, scrolled up and down...a mess. I realized what I had been doing so I saved it and closed it out.
When I brought it back up I wondered where my chapter titles were? I found them hidden up by the title page (I have no idea how) so it took me another 20 minutes to figure out the mess but it's safe. My mouse is still sort of weird sticky but I'd rather deal with that than figuring out plot lines.
Computers...crazy and with a mind of their own.

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