Thursday, June 27, 2013

summer feet

In Arizona my feet were bad. b.a.d.
During the winter they could pass; feet stuffed in socks, stuffed in boots; but during summer season it was tough to do sandals. I would always wonder if it was the way I walked; what I did; what I didn't do to make them not as beautiful as they could be.
And now I'm in California where I have a feeling sandals will be worn a majority of the year and I needed to get these feet in shape. And it was so easy. SO easy.
Hello humidity.

Friday, June 14, 2013

the thrill of the hunt

When you move to a new place it's thrilling, maddening, and necessary to figure out what streets go where and is such and such a place located here? or there? I am thanking Google Maps just about every new adventure I take in Santa Barbara; I would seriously be lost without it.
The most frustrating part about the new town discovery is finding my people. my monthly maintenance. hair. massage. pedicures. you know who you are.
I found a great stylist for curls. BUT she's new to the business and very slow when it comes to color. I'm in a stylist chair every month for root touch up that I need it quick. good. and out. Loved the girl I went to in Arizona and even love her more now that the hunt is on. 
I went to a guy that was highly recommended via yelp for color but we are not dancing very well. When he's telling me that "oh be sure to tell me" or "you should have told me" I can agree; but at the same time I think "you're the stylist; you should have asked". Whatevs. Lots more stylists in the SB fishbowl.