Saturday, December 15, 2007

Happy 100 to me!!!!!!!!!!

One hundred posts before the end of the year...I like the sounds of that.

I realize that I have not been on fire with the posts these last couple of months...but, maybe it's because I'm busy remembering other "one-hundred" mileposts for the year:

1. The obvious...I have eaten, slept, enjoyed bathroom breaks for atleast 100 times this year.

2. I have checked my email atleast 100 times this year.

3. I have driven my car atleast 100 times this year.

4. I have visited the gym...okay, maybe only 30 times this year..but, I am working on obtaining those Kelly Ripa, Madonna, Angie Harmon (insert your favorite cut,defined, carved celebrity here) arms.

5. I have done laundry atleast 100 times this year.

6. The sweet ones...I have told my husband and my kids that I love them more than 100 times this year. You should too (that is...your own husband or wife and kids...not mine...although they would probably be okay with it).

7. I have indulged in chocolate atleast 100 times this year.

8. I have indulged in a good glass of red wine atleast 100 times this year...and which makes me feel like a frickin wino as I'm typing that.

9. I have written over 100 pages of a published book this year (hooray for me!)

10. I have enjoyed over 100 cups of coffee this year.

AND I'm sure I could keep going and going...but it's your turn now. What have you done atleast 100 times this year? I hope you have enjoyed each moment and happy 100 to you!