Monday, January 31, 2011

thanks teacher

How inspiring to read Erin's post at Design for Mankind about writing thank you notes to 20 of her former teachers (wow! this girl had some amazing mentors in her life). Did you have a favorite teacher that influenced you in some way?
Mine was Mr. Grimmer; my high school social studies teacher. I just googled him up and he's a principal at a different school now but I did happen to find his email and sent him a heartfelt thank you.
The basic message in all this is that gratitude is a necessary practice in our daily lives. Thanking others for big things and small things; for past and present and where we are today.
Oh! and remember that 5th grade boy who I didn't like last week because he was only challenging himself to read 2nd grade level books? HOLLA...he got a 100% on a 4.2 level book today...may not have said "thank you" in a card; but we'll take it!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

sweet dreams

I've always been a fan of Les Indiennes; the hand block printing and the boho chic spirit. Unfortunately the prices are a bit on the steep side; so imagine my delight when I saw West Elm's new catalog showcasing quilts and shams with the Les Indiennes look and feel. There's also a 20% off sale going on now so looks like it's time to change up a few beds.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

happy weekend

hope everyone has a great weekend. I'm catching up with some home things,working on my Drama After School, and catching up with some friends.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


don't expect to name your blog "Suddenly I See" and not get a few light bulb moments in life ...and there were quite a few today:

1. I root for the underdog. I suppose we all do; but today it hit me between the eyes.
I was holding auditions for the Drama After School program and a 5th grade girl who I've only thought of as "unusual" (she walked on her tiptoes since 3rd grade...odd) or "quiet" ("could you repeat that? um...once more?") and a little behind in her reading skills (she was in my small group reading for a couple of years) BLEW MY SOCKS OFF. It was a-may-zing. She was LOUD (which is a big plus for our acoustics), she was funny, and she read fluently with no mistakes. I'm so excited for her to be in the group!

2. On the flip side...I don't like kids who don't try. If I'm giving you 110% and doing everything I can do to help you be a better reader...why aren't you? I told a 5th grade boy today (who wants to be a professional football player) that he would never be able to read a contract to play for a pro team by only reading 2nd grade level books and "don't tell me your lawyer is going to read it for you" because he will and will steal every dollar you make.

3. I like to "kiss and make up" with food.
Another "light bulb" moment came when I needed to (once again) tell my second grade kids to come at 8:30AM after the morning bell rings and NOT at 8:25AM (my teacher friend Amy will say an "amen" to this one).
For those of you that don't teach it may be hard to understand what 5 minutes can mean.
Five minutes is organizing books and paperwork for six different grade levels, making a few more copies, taking a last sip of tea and dealing with the fact you'll be racing for the next 6 hours. Five minutes is magic.
Anyway--the kids that did come early did not receive bonus "stickers" and were none too happy about it. Of course; then typical Mom fashion you wonder if you were too hard on these kids that really want to come early just to be with you. So, tomorrow--to go along with our book (a wolf who bakes lots of goodies trying to fatten up a hen to eventually eat it) I am bringing donut holes (and I have to wonder if they'll think I'm trying to fatten them up?).
To go along with this...a few years ago a teacher friend was under mountains of stress and blew up at a colleague of mine and me. She took the next day off and came back the day after that and threw out a casual apology. I was so angry at this and the reason being..."she didn't even bring us cookies!"
Any lightbulb moments for you this week?

*image here

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


This pic has been in my files for so long but I love it SO much. That pop of color does it for me. Any of you collect Le Creuset cookware or copper kettles?

Monday, January 24, 2011

make me swoon

My husband has panic attacks when it comes to romance. We've been married a LONG time and he's gotten better--remembers the flowers on my birthday, gets a card for Valentines Day (also our anniversary) but not without a few years of "don't forget that tomorrow is a VERY SPECIAL DAY and someone should do something very ROMANTIC on that day." seriously. this is how I roll.
SO--this year; I did 50% of the work for him. I ordered a GORGEOUS handwritten valentine by Hello Handmade to be delivered. to me. His part of the deal--
he has to come up with the words for calligrapher extraordinaire, Betsy Dunlap,to write on said card. 40 words. Full of romantic thoughts and lines that will make me swoon.
Want to send one to someone? They accept a limited number of custom Valentines; so click over here quick.
*top image here

Sunday, January 23, 2011

let's do it

let's look forward to a wonderful week and with any luck; we'll get one!

*image here

share your secret?

My oldest son and his girlfriend will be traveling to Barcelona in the Fall and are looking for tips or "must see" places to explore. Have you ever been? Willing to share? Click over here and add to their itinerary.

* no; the photo isn't them,but came from here.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

the weekend is here

phew! what a crazy busy week...but it certainly went fast.
Chances are the next few weeks will fly by because I've raised my hand to direct our "drama after school" program once more.
Basically, I'll be leading a group of 4th-5th graders to find the joy and confidence to be onstage in front of their peers. I've led drama class many times before and it's exhausting; but in a few short weeks it will be exhilarating to see the kids bouncing across the stage, working as a team, and realizing that with hard work and a little memorization; they can create something magic.
Were you ever bitten by the acting bug?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

loving this

is it the new year or the "staying inside" weather that makes us want to change up a few areas in the house? I've had this one in my files for a bit now and love it every time I see it. Do you have any fix up plans for your place?

*from here

there oughta be a law...

Did you happen to catch the new David E . Kelley series Harry's Law on Monday? It's typical Kelley quirky style with well written closing arguments and starring Kathy Bates. It will be interesting to see if it lasts more than a season. And speaking of staying power...

did you happen to see Kelley's wife, Michelle Pfeiffer at the Golden Globes on Sunday?
ah may zing...she's going to be 53 this year.

Monday, January 17, 2011

color us curious

Inquiring minds want to know. What size bed do you sleep in and is there someone you sleep with in that bed? Pour moi, a queen size bed with my husband.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


There are some actors that you expect something a little cray cray crazy from at The Golden Globes (hello Helena Bonham Carter and January Jones) and then there are others that you ask "really? that's what you decided on? really?"

Annette Bening. Did she just wake up? The hair. really? someone told her this looks good. really?

Sandra Bullock. love her; but the bangs are so thick and heavy. and the dress. after the year you had last year you should have came out with bright. confident. I am back Bullock. really.

Tilda Swinton. we're all for simple. classic. minimalist. but, really? you couldn't even WALK in the skirt. not good when you have to walk on stage.

The highlight for me was Claire Danes. confident. polished. poised. loved the bright color and it looked amazing on television. loved how she hugged Temple Grandin when she won. really.

black and white

what is it with black and white photography? just makes a man look *good*. The first two gentlemen you most likely know but the third pic is MY leading man taken at our daughter's wedding a few years ago...can't you just tell what he's thinking?

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Sometimes a day off is just what you need! Scottsdale was beyond beautiful. If you've got the winter blues or grays...gotta jet here to get your fill of sunshine. Hope you all enjoy your weekend--this girl gets 3 days off--what about you?

*image here

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

sunny Scottsdale

Taking the day off tomorrow for a quick trip to Scottsdale where the high is predicted to be a wonderful warm seventy+ degrees. Lunch with a birthday boy and a haircut by my fabulous Roscoe will be the highlights. Hope your day is just as fun!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

snow, snow

To all of you who are waking up to luck with that. Snow pounded us 12/30 and we still have the white stuff in our yard and driveway. Maybe it will melt by March?

Monday, January 10, 2011

stash it

I've blogged about STASH before; but with a new website and's too good not to share.
From their website:
"Stash Co is owned and operated by Cheryl Schulke. The goal in building these bags is to support local and sustainable whenever possible and to recycle and save materials down to the last scrap for incorporation into future product.

Our focus is not mass production, but rather mindful production. We utilize hand-tools and vintage bootmaking equipment to fashion unique carryalls. We seek the art in old and new materials from cowhides to coffee bean sacks. We embrace conservation and work with a goal to turn every last bit of material into something valuable."
Go check it'll be glad you did.

monday, monday

here we go again...back to the grind. the dance. making it happen. have a good week.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

saturday *sigh*

I was going to post this in black and white but with those baby could I? this is gorgeous Ruby at eight months.

*pic by her mom,Audrey

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

speak now

isn't it amazing that by simply speaking to a colleague of mine at work...I now have an extra hour in my day for prep work and planning. ask and you shall receive.

love, love, love

If you don't click on my shop's website or shop (and why don't you, silly goose?!) you might have missed the newest tees that we have. LOVE is a favorite and this pic was fun to do over the holidays- with Megan, Nicole, and Audrey (that would be my son's GF, son's GF and my daughter). The sun was blinding and the air was crisp...and this was Christmas Day!

take two

Yesterday was one of those days at work that I thought "this is crazy to be doing all this for the pennies that come in on my paycheck" and was going to make my pity bed and take a good long nap in it. Ever have one of those days?
But then I happened to see "Oprah- Behind the Scenes" on her new station--have you seen any shows? Basically cameras are following Oprah in her last season of taping and showing you what goes on behind the show.
Anyone that knows me KNOWS I love this end of a show or a production. You can have your confetti, your dancers, your audience...but I want to know the inner workings; the guts of how it all came together and this did not disappoint.
In a nutshell the people who work at HARPO (and Oprah herself) tell of how putting on a great show is a sacrifice to your life (time and relationships outside of work) and you have to give it your all to give a great show that people will remember (and yes; these people do make a few more zeros on their paychecks then I do) ...but the point is; they wanted to do their best not only for Oprah but for the audience who they had never met but did not want disappoint.
So today I will go in and put on a great show for the kids at my school and do my best so they will remember.

Monday, January 3, 2011

the dance

monday, monday. back to reality. Make it a good week and enjoy the dance.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Thinking about how if my school started at 10AM instead of 8AM I would be a much happier morning person. On the upside; the kids should be ready to learn and we're into the 2nd semester of school which is just crazy how the first semester flew by.

During the Christmas break we cleaned out our attic. Everyone was rummaging,donating, or keeping their memories for the future.
I happened across a diary I wrote when my kids were very young. When my kids were young??! Reading the pages made me think how young I was! It felt like I was reading someone else's words and expressions.
My handwriting was even different - more structured, controlled , and stayed within the lines (um...stressed?!) Today my handwriting is BIG, curvy, confident, and I don't really believe in lines anymore.

At first I was going to toss it. to get rid of it. I wasn't that person anymore. Thankfully my husband reminded me of how great it is to have such a see how we grow, how we can improve with age. Suddenly I see.