Tuesday, August 28, 2012

indian summer

Is that politically correct to say? No bother...it is what it is. We had a taste of Fall and now the days are heating back up. The light is different. The sun is more golden. I suppose we should drink it up while it's here and not rush the seasons, right? I'll be enjoying the beach (just like gorgeous Grace Kelly) this weekend along with two very special little ladies...enjoy yours as well!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

dress code 2

Fall is in the air which means I can layer it on. These quick morning fashion pics are allowing me to see what I wore (um...hello little bo peep) and change it up next time these pieces come out of the closet. Thanks for sharing in the "what will she wear next" story with me and my imagination.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

smells like teen spirit

The highlight of the school year has been the march to the pep assembly. The school band marches through the hallway while the students filter out of their classrooms and follow behind out into the football stands where the we've got spirit yes we do; we've got spirit how about you contests began. Blast to the past of my days of being a high school cheerleader but we never had this intro into the assembly...what fun! And ps. our team won the Friday night football game.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

this and that

Those stripes. Gorgeous, right? My job keeps me super busy all day. everyday. The day goes by in two shakes of a ...zebra's tail.  
I enter lots of info on the computer. Who's not here. Why that student is not here. I give out passes. I act like you're my kid when you forget your ID and I make you answer 20 questions regarding it's whereabouts.
I play Nancy Drew and figure out phone numbers and student's names while listening to parents on our answering machine. The worst job of naming a kid goes to the parents at my school that named their kid "Coal". seriously. Not "Cole" like a normal person but the black dirty stuff that naughty kids get in their stocking at Christmas. weird. Plus the fact that the kid is going to have to correct anyone and everyone that writes his name down the first time. for the rest. of. his. life.
Next week I get to go play with a toddler and a baby. Over the moon happy about that.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

dress code

My principal commented that if she wore what I wore that people might think she was a bit eccentric...no doubt. But my position calls for me to meet students and parents from a customer service point of view and ps. I always like to have fun with fashion and being "the quirky attendance lady" might just make life a bit more interesting. This wasn't all last week but I had husband snap a few pics before I bolted to work the first two weeks and this is the edited version. That jean shirt gets a lot of wear on top of strappy tanks and dresses...I might be crazy but I'd be stupid for not following dress code.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

welcome to the world!

This last week has been filled with happy,happy,joy,joy! Baby Eleanor came into the world on Sunday, July 29th and we are over the moon. I won't be able to see her until the end of this month but can't wait to tell her all about us and perhaps sing a favorite song of mine to her.