Wednesday, March 30, 2011

let's share

I find it fascinating what the kids in my small group reading feel the need to share. In the last week :

"My mom used to work at Albertson's in the bakery but then she went to jail."

"I can't wait until Friday because that's when mom gets her food stamps and I'm going to eat all day."

"My two moms and I love lox and cream cheese! That's Jew food!"


Stories like these and more come tumbling out in regards to some story we're reading and are said in pure honesty with no underlying motive except to share a part of their life. The honesty and openness throws me (when does it cross the line to TMI?) but the response from the other kids always makes me appreciate the non-judgement of elementary school kids: "really? your mom's in jail?" or "two moms?! what's Jewish?" and then I usually switch back to the story so the rest of the class time isn't sucked into the life and times of third grade students. They'll be plenty of time for that in high school.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

read all about it

I love to read what others think...especially if it's in regards to something I'm considering buying. Love the good and the bad when it comes to baby toys and book reviews on Amazon. Anthropologie has me sold with the reviews that include the customer's age range, body type, and fashion style. Do you research before you buy? Does it influence your decision?

*image here

Sunday, March 27, 2011


we're ready to jump into the week...thinking good thoughts!

when life gives you lemons...

ice water+squeeze of lemon+squirt of blue agave natural sweetener= refreshing, low-cal hello spring drink!
The lemon print is by Julian Merrow-Smith--famous for his "Postcard from Provence" paintings. He's been painting one small canvas each day since 2005 and has been featured in The New York Times, The London Times, USAToday, The Sunday Telegraph and The Guardian. I've actually been lucky enough to win a couple of his paintings on his daily auctions as well.

Friday, March 25, 2011

happy days

ready for the weekend? Day by day it's supposed to warm up with plenty of sunshine...can't wait! What's going on with you?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

play by the rules

I have grown to realize that I'm a "play by the rules" sort of girl. If you jet by me on the freeway (where I guarantee I'll be going the speed limit) I will smirk and say "suckaaaaaaaaa" when I see you down the road "chatting" with a policeman.
When our photo shoot for Dressing on the Side t-shirts (in the pic) was interrupted at the Santa Cruz boardwalk by security stating we needed permits, I was ready to walk away and call it a day. Those involved with the shoot looked at me incredulously and said "what?! of course you can take pictures...let's just keep going with it." I felt like I was involved in a crime beyond belief and was so relieved (and delighted with the results) when we finished and left for the day.
Lately I've been trying to drop a few pounds and I've heard that a food diary or journaling what you eat is the way to go. It was only after reading nutritionist Heather Bauer's website (she's the nutritionist that recently helped Tyra Banks achieve her 30 pound weight loss) in regards to a food diary that I realized that not all foods were fair game. You may be counting calories but probably not the best choice to write (and eat) cookies on a daily basis.
Heather gives tips about "Dry" carbs (don't eat those--think "white" foods) or "Juicy" carbs (go ahead...enjoy!) and makes some great suggestions for this girl who likes to follow the rules.

*the hypocritical part of all this is that I am okay with some breaking of the rules. For instance; I'm perfectly okay with my mathematical wizard of a husband taking an online college class in math for me. Hey; what happens in Vegas...

Monday, March 21, 2011

snip, cut

Have you ever cut your own hair? what about the bangs? I never have. I don't even think I cut my kids bangs when they were younger. I realize it's not permanent; but the thought of having to live with bad hair by your own design is the best reason to put down the scissors and speed dial the hairdresser.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


windy. breezy. whatever you want to call it; not so pleasant. where are you warm fabulous weather?
*image here

Friday, March 18, 2011


Hugs to you for the weekend and say a prayer for those in need.
*um...seriously; how cool would it be to have an elephant for a pet?! Not so much for the clean up and feeding...but they are just beyond cute aren't they?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

spring to etsy

Spring break is a great time to bounce around on etsy and find some very cool finds.
How would you like this for a coffee table? It's at Jill and Jon which unfortunately is in the United Kingdom. Not that there's anything wrong with living in the UK; but the shipping is going to kill you.

Love this little tray by jill rosenwald which comes in navy or yellow with gold trim. Gorgeous pieces to be found here.

If Jill's pieces are a bit over your budget you can also find something very similar in these by tilly maison.

Love the romance and look of these flowers...lovely in your hair or on a jacket. Created by Irish designers crafts 2 cherish. And no worries; shipping is $5.

And one of my favorites (wink,wink) in a gorgeous new persimmon color is Dressing on the Side. I've heard that this color will also have the popular "Cupcakes are Cool" design as well. Happy shopping!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

spring break

on my "to do" list:

and I'm also going to be making something very similar to this:

If you have patience, a hot glue gun, a $2 chinese lantern (mine is much smaller--16"), and a ton of coffee filters you can do it too. I've made one before and it was amazingly easy...just takes some time. So, while I'm watching those trashy Housewives show this week I'll be glueing away and creating a new light and look for the guest bedroom.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

eye candy

Can you believe these are all made with sugar and are completely edible? That flower on a cake would be mouth dropping. Find them and much more at Andies Specialty Sweets on etsy.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


do you make your coffee at home? My morning cup hasn't been all what it seemed to be and I'm on the search for a new brand of coffee. So, "who are you drinking" for your morning buzz?

Monday, March 7, 2011

clean up your act

While others may go to Florida or Mexico for their Spring Break...this girl is happy to stay at home for a few days to attend to some household duties.
On my check list:
1) Whenever I see something on Food Network (I'm hooked on Ina along with a few others), I print it out and put the recipe in a wire basket in our pantry. The basket is now 6 inches deep with recipes that have no rhyme or reason but just enjoying each other's company. I'm planning on tackling the beast, organizing, filtering, and minimizing those recipes that don't ring familiar or I would never try in the next year.
2) Shopping from home. Not the QVC shopping but switching a couch from this bedroom for a chair from that room...creating a new look with the things I already have.
This itinerary of spring cleaning may sound boring to some but having the luxury of time while attending to all of this in my pajamas is a most relaxing Spring Break for me.

monday, monday

Hope your week starts off on a good note. Random question--I've heard, visited, and wondered about pinterest. Do you do it? For those of you that are scratching your head...Pinterest is a site to catalog and collect images you like and keeps reminders of where you got such images.
*via pinterest

Saturday, March 5, 2011

spring in your step

Enjoy your Sunday--our last week before a one week spring break! Got spring fever yet?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

weekend plans

I'm looking forward to a weekend of catching up. On sleep. On laundry. On relaxing. My "Zip,Zap,Zoom" production with the elementary school kids performs tomorrow. Let's hope they're more focused than today when their main goal was to score more than one Rice Krispie treat for snack.

happy friday

Hope you get a little of the sunshine we've been enjoying. Hard to believe I was with this drop of golden sun one week ago.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


it has been gorgeous here and it makes you think of possibilities.

*image by 16 year old self taught photographer Alison Titus (yes...16!)

drink me

I first found out about the Vega Complete Whole Food Health Optimizer from Jessica Seinfeld (she's married to Jerry Seinfeld and also has a couple of cooking books focusing on healthy eating). No; we're not pals but I do enjoy her blog and website.
You may or may not be a fan of whipping up a shake for a meal, but take a look at what this drink has in it...blew my socks off:

It does look a little like green sludge or mixed with juice has a real close resemblance to dirt (!!) but I've had the berry and it tastes very good (mixed with some Naked Juice) and I must say makes you feel great. Find out more from Vega's website here.
The good thing is you can give it a try with single serving packets sold in health food stores without a big investment ...just be sure to serve it in a non-see through cup.