Sunday, November 24, 2013

santa barbara thoughts

Santa Barbara is a gorgeous place to live. The temperature is perfect, the people are pretty, farmers markets are in abundance, and the beach is easily accessible. So, what's the problem?

Housing prices are through the roof. It's insane what $750,000 will  won't buy you in this town. In Arizona, husband and I moved every few years to upgrade or remodel a home. We knew we could always find something affordable to makeover or a piece of land to create our new home and we made money in the process. 
In Santa Barbara when you find a home (and said home needs to be in the "right" school district if you have children) nest. The demand for houses in the "under $850,000 price range" in the "right" school district is so high that unless you were left money in Aunt Irene's will and are upgrading to a $900,000 home in the "right" school will be hard pressed to find another home with the amenities you may want. You nest for the next 20 years and then you might consider selling and moving to...Arizona. So, what's a renter to do?

You remodel your body. I am noticing that people here look better because they don't have homes to upgrade or remodel because they can't afford them; but they can take the time and cash to invest in their body and how they look. Buying organic and enjoying the Farmers Markets is another benefit to the SB lifestyle that adds to the healthy, fit physique many SB natives share.

Dog parks, beaches, hiking trails, and restaurants seem to be enjoyed by dogs as much as their people. It's a joy to live here and be a part of all the activity the California lifestyle and weather has to offer. I'm sure many people don't care what their address is as long as it's in Santa Barbara...and that's an easy to understand thought.