Friday, March 30, 2012

fly away

Just checked and I didn't win the lottery. maybe it's for the best. with that much money it would have been exhausting. If you won twenty million or so you would enjoy it and provide for your family and share with your friends but with $640+ million you would have to DO something major with it. Charities. Foundations. Think tanks. It would be jam-packed years of figuring out what to do with the millions you won. maybe it's for the best.
We're down to 8 weeks of school and I'm feeling like we'll see the light. Going there, staying here, when, where, how...lots of blanks to fill in.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

dirty girl

I let my hair dry "au naturale" this weekend and I realized (for better or worse) it bears a striking resemblance to 1987 Jennifer Grey/Dirty Dancing. Some consider it a blessing or a curse but curly hair does have a life of its own.
Normally I shampoo and straighten on a Sunday and *seriously* do not do a thing to it until Friday? Saturday? Run my fingers through and that's all it muss, no fuss. showercap in the shower and no shampoo. Getting ready for a work is a breeze.
When I mention that I wash my hair once a week maximum some people are shocked. others envious. but it works for me. and you? how often do your locks get squeaky clean?

Sunday, March 25, 2012

one year

She arrived on a plane and into our hearts. She's a goldendoodle born in Washington and bred for "good genes" which is what we were looking for. Our last love, Zoe, was an Airedale Terrier who had hip dysplasia and (fortunately) we were able to bring her to California for three surgeries to allow her to live and play until 11 years old. This time around we wanted to know who "mom and dad" were to better our odds on a healthy dog. Happy Birthday Lola and many more happy healthy years!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

girl crush

While I was stuffing DOTS tees into envelopes (yep; I'm the design department, the production department, the shipping department, and the intern running out to get myself a cup of coffee or labels that need replaced at my little business) I was enjoying the new reality fashion competition FASHION STAR.
I'm totally smitten with Nicole Richie on the show. An eye for style, a head for business and a body to wear clothes...she's the total package. Love what she wore last night from the maxi to the braids in her boho chic it made my heart beat a bit faster. Have you been watching?

Monday, March 19, 2012


We got hit with a spring snow of epic proportions for our northern Arizona town...about 12" when all said and done. Looking at it as a time of cleansing and rebirth for our world...which is where husband and I are right about now.
Our house closed without problems (about 2 weeks from offer to moving out...crazy) and we are in a friend's furnished house with all of our worldly belongings stacked up in a storage unit on the other side of town.
What does the future hold? I know we'll be in our snowbound town (hopefully thawed out in a few days...) most definitely until the end of May when my school year is over. If husband has building home opportunities coming up we'll rent a "real" place, unpack a few things, and life goes on as normal. If no new homes loom on the horizon then we'll most likely move it on out to Santa Barbara where new adventures await for us.
Feeling a bit like our girl Lola in the pic...wondering what the future holds but expecting great things.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

who knew?

wow. have been hearing this for weeks and was totally clueless that it was Jason Mraz. and then I saw the video. wow. Jason Mraz? I think I went out with him in college. he had a motorcycle. didn't know he sang though...

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


wow. The winds are coming. This might be our last breath of winter and I couldn't be happier. Next week is spring break and time to take a breath. Time to get organized at the new place...although I am enjoying creating my boho-chic outfits from the pile of clothes I threw on the's a bit of a challenge.