Wednesday, March 28, 2012

dirty girl

I let my hair dry "au naturale" this weekend and I realized (for better or worse) it bears a striking resemblance to 1987 Jennifer Grey/Dirty Dancing. Some consider it a blessing or a curse but curly hair does have a life of its own.
Normally I shampoo and straighten on a Sunday and *seriously* do not do a thing to it until Friday? Saturday? Run my fingers through and that's all it muss, no fuss. showercap in the shower and no shampoo. Getting ready for a work is a breeze.
When I mention that I wash my hair once a week maximum some people are shocked. others envious. but it works for me. and you? how often do your locks get squeaky clean?


Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

LOL...lucky you! My hair is naturally wavy so I blow dry it as straight as I can. If it dried pretty naturally with curl I wouldn't blow dry it but it just dries naturally frizzy.... :) Now my DIL has that gorgeous Jennifer Gray hair and leaves it as is. Everyone loves her hair. You have a fabulous blog. And I adore your fur baby!

Kara said...

Every single day. I would love to have the option of once a week.

Although I do less styling than I ever have. So that's good for me.

Lady Hatch said...

I'm with you! Once a week wash can take me through the week. I use Oribe hair volumizer..smells amazing and works like a dry shampoo.