Thursday, June 30, 2011

take it easy

Taking an early weekend for some medical issues (see previous posts). Let's hope I dream about sun, surf, boats, and bikinis. Have a good one!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

hot enough?

We're lucky that living in northern Arizona we don't have to have the air conditioning on 24/7. That being said; our rockstar Lola does prefer a cooler temp and we've been keeping the bedroom AC on to a cool 73° during the night. What about you? What's your "chillaxing" number?

*image from

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

get away

Summer's the perfect time to get away...for a weekend...out of the country...or escape in your backyard. Got any vacation plans?

in the know with Novogratz

The Novogratz have built a signature design brand for themselves and been turned on in everyone's living room with Bravo's "9 by Design". Now enjoy the Novogratz with their new website and soon to be released paint line with Stark Paints. We all need a little eye candy in the summertime...enjoy.

Monday, June 27, 2011

l-o-l-a, lola

       She's a rock star that wants to sleep all day and party all night.Lola.

elephant in the room

    This weekend felt a bit like this guy was walking through my body.
Late Thursday night I woke up to back pain and lower ab pain...let's just say "pain in my belly" to make it easier (and it's totally fun to say). Friday felt better but PM Friday brought it on again. Saturday morning I told husband "it's time. time to go to the ER"
Turns out I have a kidney stone. ugh. About 7mm large which (after googling it up) I found out is about 1/4 inch big. in my belly. that needs to exit.
The pain comes and goes. Last night it came again and today a trip to the doctor's to find out if I can *blast* it out (they do this with sound waves and pulverize the stone..weird but true).
The worst part is that with all this non-eating I'm doing (a piece of toast here, lots of water, a little soup) I have not lost a pound. What's up with that? If I'm going to be thrown down to the floor...isn't there a *door prize* that comes with it? When you go through labor you end up with a baby at the; why not instant weight loss with a stone?

Thursday, June 23, 2011


                       Your first official summer weekend...enjoy everyone!

sixth sense?

           Lola is just a whisper over 12 weeks old and we're wondering what our lives were like without her. We like to think that we've got her schedule down which involves sleeping most of the day but being very active in the cooler evening hours...but that can change on a daily basis.
Happened to catch this pic when she was outside. Not a bird or a plane...she was just "watching" something bigger than us. I've caught her doing the same thing inside our house as well. Don't they say that babies talk to angels and see spirits that adults cannot? Makes you wonder...
On a completely different note--we sort of *love* the turned up nose she has..too cute.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

warming up

It's getting quite toasty now that summer is officially here. How are you staying cool?

Monday, June 20, 2011

next stop on the home tour

Playing with my camera again and giving you a peek at my master bathroom...I kind of love it. The chair was just reupholstered for husband's birthday because yes; this is his man cave and he can sit in here (and does...hence the reupholstering) watching sports or whatever (and yes; we do have 3 other televisions in the house..not like this is the only one).
The mix of tiles and fabrics makes my heart sing...I feel like a gypsy that has collected it all on her travels and the wood cabinets hold everything and then some. Behind the chair is the tub and shower which remind me of an outdoor shower with no doors/glass but it gives off a cool vibe when you're in there.
The house was built in the 70's and we did a major remodeling when we moved in...more pics to come as I get more comfortable with camera settings.

stella cake

Inspired by Stella McCartney's resort collection, Apollinas created this Citrus Cake with Lemon Curd Filling and Lemon & Orange Icing...fabulous, no?! Click here if you're looking for the recipe...looks easy enough except for finding the blood oranges..but what eye candy for a summer dessert. 

*pics via Apollinas

Sunday, June 19, 2011

summer sundays

These photos just sing summer. Hope your Sunday and your week will be grand!

Friday, June 17, 2011

orange you glad it's a weekend?

I'm beginning to see a recurrent theme in my home and fashion choices from my marmalade bag to the Le Creuset in flame orange ...I like orange! This is a shot of my side of the bed and (obviously) we've got the orange walls going on creating a spicy, Indian sort of vibe. Pardon the home shots while I practice with the new's so nice to have a camera that shows the correct color now!
Happy Father's Day to the kids have been blessed with the best. "Papa"will do anything for one of his children and now a special granddaughter...he is a man of integrity and compassion. Enjoy your weekend!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

it's in the bag

Do you change your bag with what you're wearing? I do more of the season change up...fall/winter have one look while my spring/summer go for something in a fun color. Meet my new bag...shall we call her Lady Marmalade? She is a gorgeous eat-me-up orange in the softest touch me leather one could hope for in a handbag. She looks beyond amazing with jeans and I'm loving the pockets on the sides and best of her on eBay (and at a GREAT price too!).
*ps. just got myself a new camera that is fun to try out. A point and shoot but with the guts of a DSLR fancy schmancy camera..lots of learning to do but that's the fun part, no?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

naked brownies

    It's summertime. We all try to eat healthier...fresh fruits, grilling vegetables, salads...but every once in a while you may crave some chocolate. This brownie will satisfy that sweet tooth, give you lots of health benefits (no kidding!), and you don't even have to turn on your oven in the heat. Can't beat that!
Please read more about why these are so delicious and good for your body at My New Roots (if you like eating naked, clean foods and want to know more about what you'll love Sarah and all the info she gives you)

The Raw Brownie

2 cups whole walnuts
2 ½ cups Medjool dates, pitted
1 cup raw cacao
1 cup raw unsalted almonds, roughly chopped
¼ tsp. sea salt
1. Place walnuts in food processor and blend on high until the nuts are finely ground.
2. Add the cacao and salt. Pulse to combine.
3. Add the dates one at a time through the feed tube of the food processor while it is running. What you should end up with is a mix that appears rather like cake crumbs, but that when pressed, will easily stick together (if the mixture does not hold together well, add more dates).
4. In a large bowl (or the pan you plan on putting the brownies in), combine the walnut-cacao mix with the chopped almonds. Press into a lined cake pan or mold. Place in freezer of fridge until ready to serve (it is also easier to cut these when they are cold). Store in an airtight container

*pic from MyNewRoots.
ps. found 2 pounds of Medjool dates at Costco for $7.99.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

soaking it up

what's your week look like? The best part of this summer business is the sleeping in. everyday. I'm such a nightowl that the extra hours of early AM sleep are like money to me. Remember when you were a teenager and you could sleep until early afternoon?! What time would you get up if it were up to your biological alarm clock and not a work schedule?

Friday, June 10, 2011

weekend getaway

Wanting to take a little getaway this weekend without packing up your bags and schlepping through security? Here's a couple of new blogs (new to me) that you might enjoy to take along with you on your virtual vacation:

Such a fun blog to read and enjoy (must admit; I used to read this and then it got away from me...glad to have found it again!) Jordan is living in Paris for a year with her family AND- she's giving away a trip to Paris! Go check out "Oh Happy Day" here.

...and speaking of Paris, "Hip Paris" is the go-to blog for living, renting or touring the city of lights.
I've added a few new blogs to my blogroll that are also great reads for various reasons. The authors' styles makes you feel as if you could meet for coffee and be enchanted with the stories they tell; some faves: "e tells tales" , the daily muse and sweet fine day. Thanks ladies for sharing your lives and your time with us!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

dive in

when's the last time you went swimming? Geez; I don't think I can remember. The plus side of that statement is that I don't have to deal with dressing rooms and bathing suits.
I'm not a "pool" person. The thought of being in a pool with other hot and sweaty human bodies that I don't know or care to meet makes my skin crawl. Seriously. get out the purell. the bleach. shivers.I was invited to be on the Oprah show to talk about this "neuroses" but my husband said "really? do you really want to talk about that on national TV?" I declined but I'm telling you now.  

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

summer al fresco

Gotta love this time of year. Fun in the sun. Picnic on the patio. Pup in your face. It's all good.
*California BLAT by Ina Garten...delish.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

the talk

Lola had to sit us down and have a heart-to-heart chat this weekend. The conversation went something like this:
"Mama. Papa. This constant talk and grading of my poop has got to stop. I'm a puppy. All my poops won't be A+ but don't worry.Yes; you don't know if I ate that stick or swallowed that bug when you had your eyes off of me for 30 seconds but it's all cool. I got it under control."
We hear you Lola. We hear you.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

summer sigh


change it up

    Do you change your screensaver? Smashing Magazine offers a plethora of designs to choose from each month and all for free. Go get some inspiration and change it up.


Husband suggested a trip to the Le Creuset outlet stores to take a look at what they offered (my birthday's coming up and he knows what I like!). I thought it was going to be like a Tuesday morning with a mish-mash of everything but it was an amazingly well organized and well stocked store with big time savings for my newest collection. What did I get?Welcome to your new home Le Creuset oval french oven 5 quart in Flame. I can see many a return trip to this little jewel at the outlets.