Saturday, October 27, 2012


Work, life, and other creative endeavors are making me realize I need to shut the doors for a bit. Most likely I will be back but until then enjoy your life, work, and other creative endeavors as well. xoxo

Thursday, October 18, 2012

it's true

Bra shopping can be a drag. Fight the traffic to your favorite department store. Choose some bras and hope they're the right size as you head to the dressing room. Take off your clothes; try on the bras; and find out that you need a cup size bigger. Put on your clothes, trudge back to the floor, get another size and the process starts once more. 
It can be exhausting...but now there's True&Co and bra shopping couldn't be easier!
After a simple quiz, you'll discover the bra fit and styles that work for you, complete with personal recommendations, and a bra shop created based on your "True" bra style.
Based on your "True" bra style, you'll pick any three bras and add them to your try-on bag. True&Co's personal shoppers will then pick another two and send you all five styles to try on.Out of the 5 bras in the box, keep the ones you like. Return the rest within 7 days of receiving your bra box using the same shipping box. You'll only be charged for the items that you keep, no strings attached!
The founders of True&Co have backgrounds in consumer technology, ecommerce and intimate apparel. They know what they're doing and it was more than easy to try on each gorgeous bra in the comfort of my own home and "test" it out under different clothing options in my closet. Out of the five bras sent to me--I kept three. Two that I picked and one from their personal them all.

Monday, October 15, 2012

fall break

What did I do during my Fall break? I played. Hide and Seek. Monsters going to get us. Tiger in the woods. Dig a hole.Look at the airplane.Whatever this 2 year old wanted to do; I was up for it. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

good dog

Traveling with animals can be stressful but this trip to California with Lola has went amazingly well. She knew what to expect (from the 8 hour car ride) to our housing arrangements along with the undivided attention she receives (and gives) to a very special 2 year old Ruby. Do you travel with your pets? Is it always better the second time around?