Sunday, September 27, 2009

sweetTart crumbles

Another restaurant in our town has went under. So sad.
When SweetTart opened their doors a few years ago our town was buzzing. The pastries were a feast for the eyes as well as your taste buds not to mention the sweet aroma tempting customers into the petite cafe. Add to that pastry chef Alain's french accent as he greeted each customer and your senses were fulfilled.
Alain was the epitome of a Frenchman to his customers (particularly the women) with a casual "you look beautiful today" or "you must have another tart, it is calling your name" melodically said in his french way. His tables were filled each morning with hungry women (in more ways than one) who enjoyed the whole package he was offering.
Unfortunately, Alain's marriage broke up and he ran off with some hussy (not really sure if she was a hussy...but she did take our Alain...) while his wife took ownership of the cafe after recently doubling the size (you see where this train ride is going, don't you?) Bad decision making along with change of ownership once more caused the train wreck and now we have lost one more restaurant in our town. A town with too little of restaurant choices.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

old fashioned

The school where I teach is considered a "traditional" school. In other words, they teach with full classroom instruction and focus on reading, writing, and arithmetic. Some kids thrive but those that struggle come and see me. I'm the "fun" teacher. I'm the teacher that has small group instruction and I tweak things to help the kids "get it".
I have always found it interesting when third graders would ask if they can write in cursive on a paper (and would be so excited when I would say "sure, why not?"). I always feel like I'm sharing the secret of the holy grail when I tell the kids how much fun it is when you get older and you can "change" the way you write and experiment with new loops and lines. I'm such a rebel to encourage such wildness,eh?
I just found out how kids in most schools are losing the art of writing and penmanship skills. This saddens me because handwriting is such a peek at a person's background and a skill that is necessary (computers or not) as you get older and your signature is required for all those adult papers we need to sign away our lives on. Not to mention the love we all have to receive a hand written letter in our mailbox. Don't you comment on a perfectly penned paper when you see it? If you do--look at these:
I am so grateful that Betsy Dunlap kept up with her penmanship skills and experimenting when it came to finding her style. Gorgeous, yes?

Along with Jenna Hein:

Calligrapher extraordinaire who makes every envelope and card a piece of art.
If you do have young children...please practice their penmanship skills, even if they complain. Just like playing a musical instrument...they'll thank you later.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

soft as a pillow

Every morning for the last few weeks I have woken up with a pain in my neck. I assumed it was my Invisalign braces that I wear (constant adjustments on my teeth) but I'm really starting to think it's the pillow I was using.
One night I decided to change pillows for an experiment and voila! no neck ache in the morning. I was using one of the tempur-pedic pillows that is comparable to a slab of beef thinking I was doing myself a favor...guess I was wrong.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

what if?

I'm a little late to the party but am hopelessly in love with this book. You always wonder at one time or another about a "do over" or "if I'd only known" in your life and this read lets you follow along with the idea of it all. May have to wait for the DVD and the privacy of my own home to see the movie because I think I'll be an ugly cryer during this one...a tearjerker for sure.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

taking advantage

Living in Arizona gives you access to some of the most beautiful and amazing national parks that our country has to offer-- so this year we're taking advantage of it.
One of the perks of working for the school district is a one week fall break in October and we've decided to take an adventure to Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park in Utah. I'm checking out some hikes and places to stay--but if you have suggestions please let me know!