Sunday, September 27, 2009

sweetTart crumbles

Another restaurant in our town has went under. So sad.
When SweetTart opened their doors a few years ago our town was buzzing. The pastries were a feast for the eyes as well as your taste buds not to mention the sweet aroma tempting customers into the petite cafe. Add to that pastry chef Alain's french accent as he greeted each customer and your senses were fulfilled.
Alain was the epitome of a Frenchman to his customers (particularly the women) with a casual "you look beautiful today" or "you must have another tart, it is calling your name" melodically said in his french way. His tables were filled each morning with hungry women (in more ways than one) who enjoyed the whole package he was offering.
Unfortunately, Alain's marriage broke up and he ran off with some hussy (not really sure if she was a hussy...but she did take our Alain...) while his wife took ownership of the cafe after recently doubling the size (you see where this train ride is going, don't you?) Bad decision making along with change of ownership once more caused the train wreck and now we have lost one more restaurant in our town. A town with too little of restaurant choices.