Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Change in plans

You know how the little boy is so excited to go to camp and once he's there...he's homesick. Hello. This is my sweet husband. He's having a great time seeing and living the great outdoors...but...I guess he misses me. So, change in plans...
I will now be flying to Seattle to meet up with him on Friday...he wants to explore Bainbridge Island....but not alone. Ever been? Must sees?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Road Trip

My husband and I are going on a road trip...sort of. He left this morning to feed the bears in Yellowstone (hopefully HE won't be feeding the bears)on his way to Portland, Oregon where he'll meet me at the airport next week. What can I say? I'm not the camper sort of girl. From Portland we'll be traveling south through Oregon to Northern California and then back to Arizona...you see, I'm agreeable to the driving portion of the road trip.

Asking me to camp out in the wild is comparable to having my husband come to the mall with me shoe shopping...it's just not pleasant for either of us. By respecting each other's differences we both get to enjoy our adventure stories...in the wild and at the mall.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Totally how I was feeling when my SUPERwebguy was working on my Cupcakes Club. BUT- he did it or...they did it..or whoever did it--hooray!
I told him how I felt a little like a parent sending their child to surgery and was waiting for the doctor to come out and tell me the prognosis.
His reply:
"OK, Mrs. Benson. The surgery went well and the web baby will live a long and happy life. Now, since the life-threatening items have been corrected, it is on to the cosmetic surgery (I requested a few changes on the website before this meltdown..)
Who says these geek guys don't have a personality?!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Is it possible for me to wrap my arms around this image and love it more?

Super Web Guy

Some of you may know I am the founder/owner of The Cupcakes Club--a website targeted for tweens and teens who enjoy fun and games, the latest and the greatest, and for parents who know their child is on a safe, wholesome, fun to visit website.
I've never met my "Web Guy" who keeps my website in order...but, we've talked hundreds? thousands? of times via email and perhaps a handful of times on the phone.
My "Web Guy" is now upgraded to SUPER Web Guy.
Case in point: I couldn't upload pics on wordpress and I emailed him...at 9:30 PM to let him know. His response in a matter of seconds was he would check and get right on it to find the problem.
The truth: I don't really care if he does get "right on it" but I do love the idea that he told me he is. I'm feeling safe and comforted like someone gave me a warm fuzzy blanket from a nice warm dryer. SUPER Web Guy...you're my hero.
ps. I'll let you know if I upload pics anytime soon.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Black Box

Did you know about this? Did you know that you can get a good tasting wine in a 3-liter box (that's about 4 bottles) for about half the price you would pay for a bottled wine of the same quality? As an additional bonus, the bag-in-box package protects your wine, keeping it fresh for at least 4 weeks after opening. Box wine has been popular in Europe but has never really taken off in the States.
We just tried the Black Box Chardonnay...and it's good! It's refreshing for summer and easy to drink. You can enjoy a glass anytime without having to be concerned about finishing a bottle, and the last glass is as good as the first.
The downside...it's now WAY too easy to have a glass anytime. Chardonnay with Cheerios anyone?

Friday, May 8, 2009

It's the WEEKEND!!

Let's party, eat sweets, and dance all day!
*image from voguegirl, korea.

Man on Wire moment

Have you rented this one yet? The documentary MAN ON WIRE tells the story of a truly inspiring figure. In the early 1970s, a fiery young Frenchman named Philippe Petit wanted to shake up the world. When he saw the World Trade Center being built in New York City, he found his mission. Petit was a trained high wire walker, and his goal was to set up a wire between the two towers and give the world a show it could never have expected. As is often the case with these endeavors, the actual high-wire walking was the easiest part of the plan. What about you? What's your Man on Wire moment?! Can you remember a moment in your life when you look back and say "whoa! dude! I can't even believe I did that!" It's AMAZING when you can and I am lucky enough to have several...but let me share one.
The year was 1979 and Kenny Loggins was HOT. scratch that..he was amazingly HOT. I had the opportunity to "meet" him at college (I worked backstage on concerts that came to our school..but WAY too long of a story to go into now) during a concert ("meeting him" to my 19 year old self was something like "do you need more water?"). Bounce to spring of 1980--
I'm in Winter Park, Colorado because I wanted to "find myself" and ended up quitting school and working at a ski resort...Beaver Village. I kid you not.

Somehow, someway...I found out that Kenny ("my boyfriend" as my husband calls him) was going to be in Colorado Springs? Boulder? somewhere at a university in Colorado.
Here's my man in the wire moment #1:

I call up the University and ask to talk to the director of concerts. I get put through (please remember that this was all done on a pay phone throwing quarters in...no cell phones back then) and begin my spiel about how "I was visiting Colorado from my university in Illinois and would love to be able to see how concerts are set up at your school. Would it be possible to gain a backstage pass to see your operations?" oh. my. god. Just even writing that today make me scream "LIAR!!!" inside.
Their reply (unbelievable): "Yes, we would love to have you come and observe. Your backstage ticket will be available at the ticket office when you arrive." Little did they know that I had to take a frickin bus to get there and call in sick to my duties of housecleaning and serving dinners at Beaver Village. It was like the great escape to make my way to the busstop.

To make my long story short. I DID get to "meet" Mr. Loggins once more..this time, he saw me backstage, tossed his hair and said "hello...thanks for coming". Mission accomplished. Kenny, if you're reading..let's meet again real soon.
It may not have amazed millions but it certainly shook this girl up at the time. And just like Monsieur Petit, seeing Mr. Loggins was the easiest part of my plan...getting out of the university and back "home" was the difficult part. But, you'll have to wait for the movie to hear about that.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Dog Days

I'm feeling like it's the dog days of the school year. Only 10.5 more school days (or, so they tell me) and the kids are nutty, the teachers are stressed, and you're looking for the nearest park to run around and go crazy in.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Les Indiennes on Ebay! from benson on Vimeo.

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