Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Super Web Guy

Some of you may know I am the founder/owner of The Cupcakes Club--a website targeted for tweens and teens who enjoy fun and games, the latest and the greatest, and for parents who know their child is on a safe, wholesome, fun to visit website.
I've never met my "Web Guy" who keeps my website in order...but, we've talked hundreds? thousands? of times via email and perhaps a handful of times on the phone.
My "Web Guy" is now upgraded to SUPER Web Guy.
Case in point: I couldn't upload pics on wordpress and I emailed him...at 9:30 PM to let him know. His response in a matter of seconds was he would check and get right on it to find the problem.
The truth: I don't really care if he does get "right on it" but I do love the idea that he told me he is. I'm feeling safe and comforted like someone gave me a warm fuzzy blanket from a nice warm dryer. SUPER Web Guy...you're my hero.
ps. I'll let you know if I upload pics anytime soon.

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