Monday, March 19, 2012


We got hit with a spring snow of epic proportions for our northern Arizona town...about 12" when all said and done. Looking at it as a time of cleansing and rebirth for our world...which is where husband and I are right about now.
Our house closed without problems (about 2 weeks from offer to moving out...crazy) and we are in a friend's furnished house with all of our worldly belongings stacked up in a storage unit on the other side of town.
What does the future hold? I know we'll be in our snowbound town (hopefully thawed out in a few days...) most definitely until the end of May when my school year is over. If husband has building home opportunities coming up we'll rent a "real" place, unpack a few things, and life goes on as normal. If no new homes loom on the horizon then we'll most likely move it on out to Santa Barbara where new adventures await for us.
Feeling a bit like our girl Lola in the pic...wondering what the future holds but expecting great things.


Katie Martin said...

wow that looks beautiful. odd that arizona is getting so much snow, though. Here in Indiana it's been unusually hot all week.


Simply Mel {Reverie} said...

first of all...look how big that sweet "puppy" has grown! love it!

secondly, congrats on selling the house.

and now...let's chat Santa Barbara! Dream city to live for my husband. It's seems to be the best of both northern and southern california.

benson said...

hey Mel! Lola will be a year old this week- time flies, doesn't it? We love SB as well--but we're doing the opposite of most :) moving to CA from AZ (and the crazy house prices are not fun to see!)

Kara said...

I was wondering if you were hit with the crazy snow.

I'm wondering too about what new adventures are headed your way. :)

Rolerkite said...

Lola isn't even a pup anymore :(