Tuesday, March 1, 2011

drink me

I first found out about the Vega Complete Whole Food Health Optimizer from Jessica Seinfeld (she's married to Jerry Seinfeld and also has a couple of cooking books focusing on healthy eating). No; we're not pals but I do enjoy her blog and website.
You may or may not be a fan of whipping up a shake for a meal, but take a look at what this drink has in it...blew my socks off:

It does look a little like green sludge or mixed with juice has a real close resemblance to dirt (!!) but I've had the berry and it tastes very good (mixed with some Naked Juice) and I must say makes you feel great. Find out more from Vega's website here.
The good thing is you can give it a try with single serving packets sold in health food stores without a big investment ...just be sure to serve it in a non-see through cup.

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