Sunday, March 13, 2011

spring break

on my "to do" list:

and I'm also going to be making something very similar to this:

If you have patience, a hot glue gun, a $2 chinese lantern (mine is much smaller--16"), and a ton of coffee filters you can do it too. I've made one before and it was amazingly easy...just takes some time. So, while I'm watching those trashy Housewives show this week I'll be glueing away and creating a new light and look for the guest bedroom.


lisaroyhandbags said...

I SO want to make one of these! oh, to find the time... :)

anita said...

Happy Spring Break!!
(and to comment on the coffee: we buy coffee from World Market! They have THE BEST coffee -- and it's less expensive per pound than anywhere else. It is on the shelf as whole bean, but they have the grinder right there -- or you could grind at home. My favorite is the Moka Java. Do you have a World Market near you?

Sarah Jane said...

i would love to hang that chinese lantern over my dining room table, i LOVE it!!