Monday, March 7, 2011

clean up your act

While others may go to Florida or Mexico for their Spring Break...this girl is happy to stay at home for a few days to attend to some household duties.
On my check list:
1) Whenever I see something on Food Network (I'm hooked on Ina along with a few others), I print it out and put the recipe in a wire basket in our pantry. The basket is now 6 inches deep with recipes that have no rhyme or reason but just enjoying each other's company. I'm planning on tackling the beast, organizing, filtering, and minimizing those recipes that don't ring familiar or I would never try in the next year.
2) Shopping from home. Not the QVC shopping but switching a couch from this bedroom for a chair from that room...creating a new look with the things I already have.
This itinerary of spring cleaning may sound boring to some but having the luxury of time while attending to all of this in my pajamas is a most relaxing Spring Break for me.

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Anonymous said...

I sooo agree! Time is the ultimate luxury. I wish I had a full week to work in my yard- raking, pruning, trimming, fertilizing and hauling away many truck loads. and don't get me started on the inside! xoxo.... Sharona