Sunday, January 16, 2011


There are some actors that you expect something a little cray cray crazy from at The Golden Globes (hello Helena Bonham Carter and January Jones) and then there are others that you ask "really? that's what you decided on? really?"

Annette Bening. Did she just wake up? The hair. really? someone told her this looks good. really?

Sandra Bullock. love her; but the bangs are so thick and heavy. and the dress. after the year you had last year you should have came out with bright. confident. I am back Bullock. really.

Tilda Swinton. we're all for simple. classic. minimalist. but, really? you couldn't even WALK in the skirt. not good when you have to walk on stage.

The highlight for me was Claire Danes. confident. polished. poised. loved the bright color and it looked amazing on television. loved how she hugged Temple Grandin when she won. really.


Kara said...

UGH! I don't have a stylist and I'm pretty sure I could look better than crazy uncombed hair or a dress that doesn't even fit!

And Sandy?? What the hell? She is so pretty - I think the bangs are just too much.

Nice work Claire. Truly beautiful.

Cara said...

The bangs totally overtook Sandra's face, and Annette, there really is no excuse for that kind of hair!

Appletree said...

agreed. 100%

my favorite and my best said...

totes agree.

anita @ a dreamer's den said...

Ha! That picture of Annette is too funny. She usually looks so classy.
Sandy seems depressed (or tired).