Sunday, January 2, 2011


Thinking about how if my school started at 10AM instead of 8AM I would be a much happier morning person. On the upside; the kids should be ready to learn and we're into the 2nd semester of school which is just crazy how the first semester flew by.

During the Christmas break we cleaned out our attic. Everyone was rummaging,donating, or keeping their memories for the future.
I happened across a diary I wrote when my kids were very young. When my kids were young??! Reading the pages made me think how young I was! It felt like I was reading someone else's words and expressions.
My handwriting was even different - more structured, controlled , and stayed within the lines (um...stressed?!) Today my handwriting is BIG, curvy, confident, and I don't really believe in lines anymore.

At first I was going to toss it. to get rid of it. I wasn't that person anymore. Thankfully my husband reminded me of how great it is to have such a see how we grow, how we can improve with age. Suddenly I see.


anita @ a dreamer's den said...

Beautiful, Benson. How lucky you are to have actual proof of growth. I think others can see our growth so much more than we can; you're fortunate to have a true glimpse of where you used to be.
(how old are your kids? Mine are 15 and 12...amazingly!)

Fern and Feather said...

oh I am so glad you didn't throw it away! those thoughts and bits of life are priceless. oxo