Monday, January 24, 2011

make me swoon

My husband has panic attacks when it comes to romance. We've been married a LONG time and he's gotten better--remembers the flowers on my birthday, gets a card for Valentines Day (also our anniversary) but not without a few years of "don't forget that tomorrow is a VERY SPECIAL DAY and someone should do something very ROMANTIC on that day." seriously. this is how I roll.
SO--this year; I did 50% of the work for him. I ordered a GORGEOUS handwritten valentine by Hello Handmade to be delivered. to me. His part of the deal--
he has to come up with the words for calligrapher extraordinaire, Betsy Dunlap,to write on said card. 40 words. Full of romantic thoughts and lines that will make me swoon.
Want to send one to someone? They accept a limited number of custom Valentines; so click over here quick.
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