Monday, January 31, 2011

thanks teacher

How inspiring to read Erin's post at Design for Mankind about writing thank you notes to 20 of her former teachers (wow! this girl had some amazing mentors in her life). Did you have a favorite teacher that influenced you in some way?
Mine was Mr. Grimmer; my high school social studies teacher. I just googled him up and he's a principal at a different school now but I did happen to find his email and sent him a heartfelt thank you.
The basic message in all this is that gratitude is a necessary practice in our daily lives. Thanking others for big things and small things; for past and present and where we are today.
Oh! and remember that 5th grade boy who I didn't like last week because he was only challenging himself to read 2nd grade level books? HOLLA...he got a 100% on a 4.2 level book today...may not have said "thank you" in a card; but we'll take it!

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