Tuesday, January 4, 2011

take two

Yesterday was one of those days at work that I thought "this is crazy to be doing all this for the pennies that come in on my paycheck" and was going to make my pity bed and take a good long nap in it. Ever have one of those days?
But then I happened to see "Oprah- Behind the Scenes" on her new station--have you seen any shows? Basically cameras are following Oprah in her last season of taping and showing you what goes on behind the show.
Anyone that knows me KNOWS I love this end of a show or a production. You can have your confetti, your dancers, your audience...but I want to know the inner workings; the guts of how it all came together and this did not disappoint.
In a nutshell the people who work at HARPO (and Oprah herself) tell of how putting on a great show is a sacrifice to your life (time and relationships outside of work) and you have to give it your all to give a great show that people will remember (and yes; these people do make a few more zeros on their paychecks then I do) ...but the point is; they wanted to do their best not only for Oprah but for the audience who they had never met but did not want disappoint.
So today I will go in and put on a great show for the kids at my school and do my best so they will remember.

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