Thursday, June 19, 2008

again and again and again.

I am obsessed with my emails...again. This happens whenever I have too much time on my hands and a computer staring at me day after day, hour after hour, minute after minute. The joys of summer when you have the summer off.
I just can't believe that people don't email back within 15 minutes of receiving an email...or better yet, within 15 minutes of me sending them an email. My daughter says "Mom...I'm at work...I have a job...give me a break."
And I hate it when you're expecting an email...and it just is not arriving. "Send/Receive" "Send/ Receive" over and over...I'm a crazed woman.
But, on the flip can always expect a quick reply from me.


MizFit said...

sad that THAT'S me as well.

although Im rarely at my computer and it's all thumbtyped.

THANK GOODNESS for my sidekick handheld as I fear id find mamahood more isolating than I already do :)

KUDOS to you on the third book!


benson said...

During the school year I don't find myself nearly as obsessed..that's why I knew I could never do the "crackberry"...I would be a crazed woman :) Have a great weekend.