Thursday, June 26, 2008

OKay, if you haven't seen it....I'm sure you've heard about it: The main character is Susan who seems to be struggling with finding happiness in her life and decides to "swing" with the new neighbors. In my opinion she totally looks like Sissy Spacek in "Carrie" filmed right about in the late 70's...I keep waiting for the pig's blood to fall on her at prom.
Susan's best friend from the old neighborhood is Janet who is just a stick-in-the-mud and doesn't color outside the lines. In last night's episode, Janet's classic line of "We're not going home and I'm going to eat a pot brownie" had me howling. And, will you take a look at the size of the cucumber in her cart!
But, in all fairness to Janet, I happened to find a photo of her not in character....and she actually looks like she might eat a pot brownie.
And then there's Trina, new neighbor of Susan and enemy to Janet although that may be changing after last night's pot brownies. We've got a couple of Trina's around where I live and it totally does get your "Janet" on guard when you run into them. You know who I'm talking about...always in the "Juicy butt" sweats, on their way to meet their trainer or to bleach their hair, or to get a new pair of breast implants....and they're 27 years old.

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