Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Local drugs

I just got back from walking to the drug store where I picked up a tube of sunblock needed for our Arizona sun. soon as I put it on...4th grade, community pool, and talking to my first crush Brian Elrod (, what did we talk about?!). Can you believe what a smell does to your senses? Love that.
I also picked up some deodorant. I know, TMI..but there's a point. It was ONLY antiperspirant. After listening to Dr. Oz (Oprah's ballyhooed MD and talk show doctor) I am going to try this out. I mean, no antiperspirant has ever STOPPED me from sweating BE PROUD, SWEAT OUT LOUD...but just don't stink (which, FYI, is actually the bacteria, not the,when you see me with wet not be afraid). The aluminum is not good for you and I figure if I know something isn't the best for you...why not lose it?
That's it...I'll give you updates.


Anonymous said...

did you read Dr Oz in Esquire? I thought I was the only female who reads esquire!! SC

amber said...

Isn't it amazing the amount of memories a sweet summer smell can conjure up!? Love your post, it made me LOL at my desk...