Friday, June 6, 2008

wouldn't it be lovely?

If we could remember thoughts we had when we were four or five years old? It's hard for me to remember what I had for lunch let alone a fleeting thought I had 40 years ago...I guess our brains would explode with all those thoughts and images. I believe I was five years old in this picture and I lived in Japan for a year. Nada, zilch, zero recollection of anything from that you have vivid memories of your early childhood?


carla said...

funny that my hubby and I were just talking about this!
whether the memories we DO have are real or snippets we think we remember because we've heard the stories so many times.

I lived in Oxford for a year when I was eight and while I recall a great deal it does often take something like stumbling upon a photo or a book I loved at that age (heard of Noel Stretfield?) to trigger the memories.


benson said...

totally I only remember that because the story that was told to me regarding the picture? We are a strange breed...