Monday, June 30, 2008


I need to apologize for this post because when you're trying to grow out your hair no one really cares but YOU. However, I got my hair cut today and I'm in the mood for a little hair talk...aren't you?!:
1. Whenever Ocean's 13 came out last year I ran, not walked, to my hairdresser to get "the look". I loved the cut but so did millions of other women in the world...I was walking around seeing myself everywhere.

In late Spring 2008 I decided to grow out my hair. Today I got it cut and it basically looks like this. A little flirty and a little kicky (and my hairdresser told me it was acceptable to use the word "kicky"...I trust him):
And, we're going for the classic Jaclyn Smith look, who my hairdresser happens to love, so in a few months down the line we might have this:

and then I'll probably pull it up in a ponytail for 12 hours of the, does it really matter? You bet it does.

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3rdEyeMuse said...

* giggles * no appologies neccessary - hair is an important topic. :) I like the kicky hair.