Wednesday, June 4, 2008

We've got a YPulse!!

Many, many, thanks to Anastasia and Alli over at YPulse who gave The Cupcakes Club a shout out on their AMAZING blog about the latest and greatest, the hippest and the most happening for teens and tweens. You ROCK!!!


carla said...

and yes.

I did the happy dance FOR YOU when I saw you were shouted out there (love anastasia. had the opportunity to work with her here in austin when she was in town for sxsw)!

onward to dethroning the beacon street girls? (*wink*)


benson said...

Thanks Carla! Hey--MizFit is awesome!! Great ideas and pick-me-ups (emotionally and physically!) Thanks again!!

carla said...

thanks for YOUR kind words.
(wasnt thinking about the CARLA being clickable :) that's my other hat. fitness writing.)

let me know if I may send you writing clips.

even to have for later.