Friday, June 6, 2008

Hair today

Don't you just love Jaclyn Smith? She's the host of the reality show Shear Genius on BRAVO and of course, one of the original Charlie's Angels. What we love about her is how classic, how gorgeous she is without telling anyone!
And...I'm also thinking about bringing her picture (no, not to the plastic surgeons) to my hairdresser...a new look, a little longer but not too long to be confused with a 1970's country western singer. It's a great length, easy to work with, and can you believe this woman is 61 years old and looks this fabulous?!


suzannemarques said...

jacyln smith is gorgeous. always has been, always will.
her cut and style is flattering to most faces by the way.

this is random, but i did a makeover with jose eber today... who is very close friends with her. he gave a woman a cut and style like this... it was FABULOUS! it frames the face beautifully, the hair in the bangs area looks sexy and full.... the layers are just enough... work it!

(every time i stop by this sblog, i always feel like i have something i just have to share!)

benson said...

YOU did a makeover? Or reported on one? I remember Jose Eber from way back...he certainly knows how to cut hair. Now, to get mine longer to get "that look"...something to work for!