Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Buzz

For the next few days we will be meeting and greeting with public relations companies to start the buzz with The Cupcakes Club. My husband is SO much better at the business talk then I am so I am beyond relieved he'll be doing the talking.
When one of the contenders called me this morning and casually asked what my future goals were ...I'm thinking "to have another cup of coffee?" and then realized she meant for the business--and then started babbling on and on about this, that, and the other thing. I mentioned this to Mr. B on our way to dinner and he said "well, didn't you tell her about...." and in three minutes encapsulated the last two years of my thoughts and work that have went into creating our Cupcakes Club...amazing.
So, the next phase begins for the biz...it's exciting, it's fun..can't wait to see what happens!


MizFit said...

good LUCK.

things are moving and shaking for you.

woo hoo!

carla said...

oops that's me...

benson said...

Thanks Carla! Hey- one of your Monday facetimes (dealing with negative people) was a good reminder to me--thanks for all you do!