Wednesday, July 2, 2008

You can always count on that one important email to get lost in spam land. And checking out the mountains of reject emails in my spam box, I find it amazing the "subject lines" that spammers send hoping you'll open up for their pitch of sex, money, drugs, or whatever they're trying to sell.
These are all true:
This is the "we'll get you so mad at us you'll just have to open our mail to you"--
Subject line: "what a stupid face you have here benson"
"benson is a moron"
And the ever popular: :we'll get you to open this mail because you'll think...
what??!!! I ordered something???"

Subject Line : "Fwd.YourPharmaacyOrder no.87549345"
AND: "Order Reminder: #2755026310"
OR: "FDA Customer Notification: Order"
Of course, everyone is going to open this just to peek-
"Scarlett Johansson spotted in see-through bikini "
"Scarlett Johansson spotted topless in Cannes "
but if you really did open this email just to take a quick look at Scarlett--
it said:
"lengthen your tool today" My tool??!! No thanks, my tool is fine.


MizFit said...

my fave spam ever and one which actually launched a manuscript was:

Her face looked like a wedding cake left out in the rain.


(ooh and MizFit is getting a big shout out on monday. here's hoping it nudges me ever closer to THAT agent procuring as well. For MizFitness)

benson said...

I would probably open that spam with that subjectline! High5! Congrats to you! Can't wait till Monday!!

carla said...

It's Hungry Girl.

are you a follower?