Tuesday, July 22, 2008

McDonald's Do-Over

I wasn't sure if I felt pride in American innovation or wanted to cry when I read that "The Frenchman — the first non-American president of the fast-food chain's European operations — embarked on a massive McMakeover of more than 6,400 European outlets. And voilà, today McDonald's Europe is sizzling. "
It seems the main change is in the design of the restaurant:
"In the U.S., customers tend to eat on the go, and around 70 percent U.S. sales come from drive-throughs. Europeans prefer to linger. In Europe it's more about the experience. It's convenient and a destination place at the same time."
and of course, even though we would never eat at McDonald's while in Europe (would we?), I would want to atleast peek inside to see:
"The bold red-and-yellow plastic signage has been replaced by muted facades in dark olive and yellow, and the 1970s-style interiors have given way to more elegant spaces. Retro plastic and Formica fittings are gone, supplanted by wood, leather, and stainless steel. Many outlets are even kitted out with wireless Internet connections and "egg" chairs designed by Danish architect Arne Jacobsen."
So, when's it coming to the US? Possibly early 2009--all this, plus the kids area will have stationary bikes, climbing walls, and basketball hoops.

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