Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Summer Breeze

My summer is ending. This week I'm back at school and signing up for crossing guard duties (the BEST DRESSED crossing guard I might add...if there were only an award) and figuring out what classes I'm going to be in and when I'm supposed to be there. It will be good to see the kids again although I do have trouble remembering their names for the first few weeks or so...my usual script is something like: "Oh YOUUUuuuuuuu...it's so good to see you again!"
It was a good summer break. A stay-cation like most of the country but I did get lots done. I'm paragraphs away from finishing Book #3 of The Cupcakes CLub; lots of walking; and I created some amazing summer menus. Now, back to reality...wish me luck.

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JanelleGrace said...

Sometimes it's weird not to have a schedule based around school/someone in school. Summer is just summer. It is the same as spring and fall. I prefer spring these days.