Sunday, July 13, 2008

Les Indiennes

From the Les Indiennes website/catalog:

Tabletops from my daughter's wedding...gorgeous:
I'm so happy to have been reading about the beauty of Les Indiennes fabric in many blogs over the last year (decor8, rangdecor, bliss , desire to inspire ). I'm proud to say I've been designing with their fabric for the last 4 +years and have even had the opportunity to meet it's owner, Mary Mulcahy and taken a peek at her home (gorgeous by the way--the early photo shoots were taken there)
The company has really grown these last few years with a fabulous website and more to offer the customer...and yes, the prices have grown as well but what hasn't lately? I will be offering some odd lots of Les Indiennes fabric (in indigo, madder red, and gold) on Ebay this week for a fraction of what you'd pay retail--so if you've wanted to start your journey to India, head on over and search for Les Indiennes--I think I'll be the only auction.
PS. If you bid and win on any of the Les Indiennes auctions, I'll be adding another gem or two of Les Indiennes into your box if you mention you saw it here. Why? Because I like you. I really,really, like you.

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