Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer Lovin

I'm trying to pump myself up. I'm down to two wonderful weeks of summer before I head back into the classroom. I teach small group reading and I LOVE being with the kids--I just hate the politics and the paperwork that goes with figuring out what kids you're going to end up with. There always seems to be so many tests to give and so many numbers to juggle.
The rule at my house at the start of summer is to never figure out how many weeks of summer you have left. Unfortunately, when it clicks down to the 14 day mark it reminds you of the school's Christmas break (and forgive me those of you that don't get two weeks off for Christmas and are listening to me whine that I only get two weeks and don't even mention that I get 8 weeks for a summer still goes by so quickly!) and you know the bell is going to ring to line up for class.

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