Thursday, March 1, 2007

That Old Black Magic

Although I am not this girl, I do have that dress and I got to turn many heads at my high school reunion.
I was nervous to wear this "tie me up here, belt me up there" dress in case it may have looked a bit like "slutty girl goes to her reunion." In fact, I even had a panic attack hours before the event began. Should I wear it? Is it too bold for my smack dab in the middle of the Midwest town? The night of the reunion I was at a well known department store searching for an alternate outfit and psychoanalyzing my decision to an 18 year old salesgirl who honestly, could care less. But then...light bulb moment...hey! the only skin showing is my back...and my back still looks pretty darn good...I may as well go for it. And so I did. And am glad I did.
From EBay, it's a black Valentino with swarovski crystals on the buckles that glitter and sparkle as you move from your high school years to adulthood....just the way it should be.

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