Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Bathrooms are a good thing. No, strike that. Bathrooms are great things. They are a necessity for modern living and you can dress them up, keep them minimum, do whatever feels good to you.
Most of the items in my bathroom that I so happily share with my husband came from Ebay. The "hard" stuff--the toilet, the sinks, the tub, the tile, were not bought by auction--although they could be. The mirrors, the rug, the bamboo table, the sweetest little ottoman that is usually loaded with my clothes, and the chair (yes..a chair...how fabulous is that?!) are all from the site that is ever present on my computer screen. There's even a television to catch Good Morning America...it's a very good thing.
That luxury of a chair was bought from a designer on the East coast who creates tibetan rugs as a career. He was delighted that his cast off would be a treasure in our jewelbox of a bathroom. I totally agreed...the colors, the fabric, the softness, the shape... we shared many e-mails gushing over the fabulousness of the chair.
My husband says that it's a good spot to watch T.V....go figure.

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