Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Spring Break

Spring break brings thoughts of fun, frivolity, traveling and the welcome of warm weather with open arms.
One of my favorite places to visit is Santa Barbara, California. It's got everything that a spring break needs no matter what your age. I always thought it somewhat ironic that the Santa Barbara college kids (my daughter included) would yearn to "get out of town" during this time and choose some snowbound destination like Chicago or New York to visit. Go figure.
One of my favorite shops in SB is "Rooms and Gardens". The shop is full of custom made sofas, Kathryn Ireland fabrics (not the swimsuit model...the English designer), lovely lamps and just a wonderful place to visit to be inspired for returning home and doing some spring cleaning.
On Ebay, I happened to auction off two French leather vintage chairs. I loved them and thought I would keep them but just felt the urge to change and so off to auction they went. Unfortunately, they did not receive the reserve price I had set but I happened to become acquainted with one of the bidders who just happened to be the owner of Rooms and Gardens. It's a small world after all (to bring in another California landmark). I was lucky enough to barter for a few pieces of their wonderful furniture in trade for my two chairs. They were happy, I was thrilled. Now, it's spring break all year at my home...that is, minus the kegs of beer and crazy college kids.

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