Friday, March 2, 2007

If life gives you lemons; Julian paints them

First, let me state that I don't know if I should be sharing this information with you, dear reader. It's kind of like finding out where you can get front row tickets to *insert your favorite artist here* and then letting the cat out of the bag.
I realize that Julian Merrow-Smith already has the cult following for his paintings but now I could be sharing it with (I would love to say the world...but that would be thinking that this blog reaches, let's get real..) I could be sharing it with twenty or so of you who perhaps have never heard of "Shifting Light" or "Postcards from Provence".
Julian is like the rock star of the "painting a day" artists. He is a British painter who lives in France (Provence) and does beautiful work. Another painter friend emailed me after I shared Julian's website with her... "and for introducing me to Julian, who I am secretly madly in love with. Anyone who can paint like that must be perfect!"
Julian used to have sprints for his daily paintings. That is, he would email you the time of day a painting would be on sale and you would sit patiently at your computer and when the clock struck that moment you would feverishly pound the keys in hopes to be the first to win his work for the day. I, dear reader, did win an original (hooray for me!)
But now, Julian has an auction site for his paintings and a 5x7 (or smaller) painting may bid up to hundreds of dollars....or not. Check it out on my "wants,needs, has to have it" list and good luck. It might be you and me at the finish line.

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