Wednesday, March 28, 2007

and this is Tyler's sofa

from Restoration Hardware/Mitchell Gold and bought on Ebay from a fine young dandy in Northern California. Sleek and simple, clean and elegant. The funny thing is the sofa was supposed to come to my house but I really had no place for it. Seriously. Every room in my house was home to a sofa.
I realized the sofa was being moved to the Plycon Van Lines holding facility in Los Angeles before it arrived in Arizona so I desperately made my call for help. I've forked over lots of money for lots of moves with Plycon so I was hoping they could help this sofa loving woman out of a jam. "Please, Plycon, would you just hold onto the sofa until I am sure where it's final resting place will be?" The answer was a "yes" and I had bought myself some time.
Fast forward a few weeks---
and Tyler was finding himself a little loft in Portland, Oregon and it just so happens that he did not own a sofa. Kismet! I had the sofa delivered to him and Plycon didn't even charge me extra for the move up north. Lucky Tyler and lucky me.

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