Friday, March 9, 2007


Welcome, bienvenue, welcome. Such is the scene when you enter my home. Bliss.
Although the dog would probably be all over you with her nose in your crotch allowing you to do a version of the conga line that you never knew you had in you. Never the less, welcome.
Once again, a shopping safari on Ebay led me to treasures that I brought home via UPS or freight shipping. The Karastan rug, the French antique table, twin leopard ottomans and the shabby chic linen chair all courtesy of auctions and hours spent at my computer.
The chair came from San Diego and was in a really funky crushed blue velvet when received. I could see the sweetness singing out and had it reupholstered in Rachel Ashwell's Shabby Chic linen...back in the day when Miss Ashwell was not stocked on the shelves at Target. Don't get me wrong...I love Target and all that it has to offer but I can remember the days when a duvet cover, shams or other trademarked Shabby Chic items could score you some big bucks on Ebay. I bought and sold many a bedding ensemble...and now, Target. Big bucks has taken over Rachel and Zoë the dog has taken over my chair.

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