Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Spring Fever

Spring fever is here. Hair is being cut, tanners are being slathered on, and closet spring cleaning has arrived. Out with the old (unless, it's that really fabulous vintage designer label...otherwise, off to Ebay it goes) and in with the new.
And speaking of new, a very special catalog arrived in my mailbox today and my heart is all aflutter. For some, this may be old news; but for me, it's's springtime! It is the catalog "VIVRE" or you can peruse at your leisure at From their website:
"Welcome to the world of Vivre - a world where life is celebrated. Within this world you will find ideas and inspiration to honor the everyday moments of life, for after all, they are the foundation of a life well-lived... one that is filled with memories of joy, laughter, love and the comfort of family and friends."
How great is that?
I can already see you rolling your eyes when you peek at the price tags-- but open your mind to create a similar look for you with the stores and boutiques you shop at. Be inspired and let your heart take it from there. Joie de vivre!

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