Thursday, February 8, 2007

you light up my life

It's so french and so fabulous! These were the words first uttered from my mouth when I received my most wonderful chandelier from Angelic Antiques (angelicantiques). Two things I remember about this purchase:

1. Angelic antiques was kind enough to let me make payments on this because the pricetag was way over my budget for a dining room light fixture...thank you! (there's a tip, ebayers....ask...and you could receive)

2. Angelic antiques travels to France once a year to do flea market shopping. How fab is that? When Rebecca (the angel of the antiques business) walked into a tucked away antiques shop and saw this yummy chandelier with the sky blue crystal drops (dating from the 1800's...yes, yes, it has been made to hold lightbulbs now...) she immediately knew she would have to bring it to the states.

And there you go....from France, to California, to Arizona...ah, the stories it could tell.

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