Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Project Runway

If every auction tells a story then this dress has a season to go along with it. I won this finale dress by Kara Janx during season 2 of Project Runway (chloe, daniel, santino) and most of you may not even know that Kara Janx (the saucy south african- was a part of Olympus Fashion Week/2006.
What Project Runway producers didn't tell middle America is that they needed to allow the final four designers to show their designs during fashion week so the press would be fooled while reporting and not spill the beans about who the final three would be.
In reality, Kara knew that her designs would not really be judged and could go creative crazy with her designs. Tim Gunn said "Kara could have won the whole thing with the decoy collection she presented at fashion week." Her outfits ranged from street-chic -- blazers, T-shirts, skinny cropped trousers -- to edgy elegance. We can only wonder what the judges would have told Janx, whose collection flowed like the softest silk charmeuse from one look to the next.
So, where do I come into play on this? During the season there were auctions on the Project Runway website for the designer's clothing and I won this original Kara Janx dress from Olympus Fashion Week. I felt so fabulous when this one actually fit and looked quite smashing-- but reality hit and I said "where in my tiny town of Arizona am I going to ever wear this lovely gown??" So, I sold it on someone from some tiny town in Georgia who I really hope gets to wear it one day and knock the socks off everyone. Auf Wiedersehen

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