Sunday, February 25, 2007


With all the buzz and bling of Oscar night I was compelled to tell the story of my Waterman necklace. Bling.Bling.
It was and is a beauty and goes splendidly with my Cathy Waterman rings. I bought this Waterman design necklace via Ebay and then I sold this necklace to a woman on Ebay and then I bought this necklace--as in the very first original necklace I had bought-- from the very same woman on Ebay about a year later (same price...great deal) and then recently sold it once more. Color me crazy. If it's meant to be I will probably buy it back in another year.
But, my relationship first started with Cathy Waterman in my search for an anniversary ring. When I first began my quest for Cathy Waterman jewelry, my husband called an upscale department store to inquire if they carried her line. They answered that they carried a few pieces but he should call Miss Waterman to ask which store would have the best choices for me to look at.
Call Miss Waterman??
To me, this was like calling Julia Roberts or Gwyneth Paltrow. For weeks I was doing research upon research on Waterman rings and necklaces, where to get them, who wears them, and background history on Cathy Waterman herself (feature or flaw...I'm a born researcher). I felt like she was the goddess of Hollywood jewelry.
The store actually gave him Cathy Waterman's phone number!! And, my husband not being the affected one (that would be me...) called up and chatted with Cathy about jewelry stores in the Los Angeles area. How fabulous is that? And perhaps even better is that I did go to the store that Cathy herself recommended and bought my wedding anniversary rings... I love them. And I have kept them .

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