Friday, February 16, 2007


Imagine your favorite pasta presented on these beautiful colors. When I first found Tiziana and her beautiful handmade pottery on ebay (timamagi) I was blown away. It is so beautiful, so vibrant, and I love the story behind it.

Tiziana lives in the Deruta, Italy area and has a passion for pottery that she turned into a business. The first artist in her business portfolio, Eugenio Ricciarelli creates EVERY PIECE by hand . That is; hand shaped on a wheel and brush painted upon mistakes here. We Americans have a hard enough time making a home cooked meal and this guy creates the plate that it is served on from scratch...gotta love that. Although the shipping is high, Tiziana does her best to keep the costs down and it still is cheaper than flying over to Italy to collect --although most of us would prefer that option if we could.

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