Thursday, February 8, 2007

va va voom girl

So here I am after a hard day at the office. Just kidding...but had you going there now didn't I?

Actually, I own this dress. I bid on and won this dress. This FABULOUS dress in this beautiful color with the mermaid swish fish tail. This dress by none other than Zac Posen. This dress that doesn't fit over my hips??!!@##!!!

So, why did I buy this most splendid frock that doesn't fit? I actually did think it was going to know, after I lost that 10 pounds... and then I was planning to wear it to my 25th high school reunion and show all of those midwesterners what this girl is made of....that's right. And then I was going to get John Travolta to help me with that bucket of pigs blood and....sorry... flashbacks of that infamous 70's movie. high school years were great--just like everyone elses :)

So, now it is tucked away for that one day when who knows? Maybe I just may have to slip it on for a night on the va voom.

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