Friday, February 16, 2007

Dancing Queen

Sometimes it's hard to let go of certain pieces. I call this an "emotional attachment" and in most cases I always tell people to hold on to that item until the attachment is gone. This dress is one of those things.
Although I never wore this dress I had a dress so similar to it in my dancing queen, disco diva days of the 70's that I just felt the need, the want to remember it once, I bid on and won this dress last year. It's handmade lace, off the runway, a Ralph Lauren collection piece and it's stunning. I knew it would need some adjustments ( is, I would need some adjustments) but I thought if I threw it on with a t-shirt and a jean jacket it could work.
Okay, so the dress didn't fit (certainly not the way it would have 20 years ago...) so after my "reunited, and it feels so good" moment I put it back on Ebay. I'm glad I sold it to recoup the cash for my misty watercolor memory, but would the woman I sold it to be the right fit for the "you can dance, you can jive, having the time of your life" energy that the dress had to offer?
The buyer lived in Vancouver and here is her story via e-mail messages:
"Sorry for the late reply. We spend all our weekends with our children. Saturday was visit to the Aquarium and Science World. Yesterday was to take advantage of all the final markdowns at the stores. Many things were marked down to 70%, then another 20% off on top of that."
So, she sounds like a bargain problem..and hmmm..she's very involved with her children. And then...
"Vancouver is really the best city to raise children in. My daughter is 5, and she already skis, sails, skates, cycles, swims, etc. We don’t have TV at home, but we give our children lots of other activities, and books to stimulate their minds.
After the birth of our 2nd child, I have been riding my exercise bike 45-60 minutes a day, plus 520 abs exercises, and light 3 lb weights to get back into shape. I am down to a size 4/6, and should be a 4 by the end of the summer. It is doable, but takes work, and discipline."
That's when I knew someone needed a little dancing queen in her life. Maybe this dress just might help her find it.

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Carolina Lange said...

the dress is fantastic, I must be hard to let go... I don't know if I could!